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Importance of PLAY

In raising children, we need to continuously keep in mind how we can best create the most favorable environment for their imitative behavior. Everything done in the past regarding imitation must become more and more conscious and more and more consciously connected with the future. Rudolf Steiner Education’s objective is to nurture capable individuals, who […]

A well timed education.

  The trend of educating younger and younger children have reached outrageous proportions. Testing and expecting younger children to adhere to unrealistic expectations have started a new trend of EARLY GRADE BURN-OUT. Children have too much too soon to attend to and they end up growing weary and stressed out by forced early years academic. […]

Increase awareness towards their future?

Only if the younger generation does things that the parents never imagined possible, can a society evolve. – Sadhguru At Red Hill The Earth School, we help students connect with the outdoors and  Nature journaling fosters scientific inquiry, literacy, and environmental stewardship. It deepens Students connection with Nature. Children spending less time outdoors can have dire […]