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Sparking a student’s curiosity

Most schools today are under a great deal of pressure to cover the yearly curriculum so that students pass a test that measures proficiency. In many cases, curriculum and instruction have been stifled by strict pacing guides and a focus on discrete learning.

Students struggle to cope with their academics whether they adopt rote learning or concept learning.

Students who work smarter through the use of specific strategies have a profound influence on their learning outcomes. At Red Hill The Earth School we help students strategize to help them learn smarter and with greater independence.

At Red Hill The Earth School, students are made to self-explain, tell themselves what they are thinking and doing when learning. This helps in metacognition, a quality of successful learning and long-term retention of knowledge.

Cognitive strategies have helped our students greatly involving self-explanation processes and integrating new information with prior knowledge, generating inferences when there’s missing information, and monitoring and fixing faulty knowledge. Students can self-explain when they solve a problem as a way to help them decide how to proceed next. We also have students test themselves as tools for reinforcing their learning.

As educators, we recognize the importance of sparking a student’s curiosity and motivation to learn. We know that when students are provided with opportunities to undertake meaningful tasks to solve real-world problems, engagement soars.

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