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Growth of a child

Growth of a child

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All children look for support to build on their potential. They look forward with optimism. They are filled with hope. They promise success. They want fulfilment. They want greatness. Their potential is based on possibilities. Think about your potential as a human being. Believe in your child’s potential as much as you believe in yours. Do you have potential? YES.

My friend, a software wizard wanted to be a singer but never could. He says his potential did not grow but the music is still inside of him.

I believe every child has the desire to reach their potential. So the question becomes, how does it happen?

The answer is growth. For the child to reach her potential she must grow. And to grow, she must be highly intentional about it. They should have the best chance of becoming the person they were created to be.

Growth in self-awareness helps discover purpose.

Growth in character helps become a better human being.

Growth in skills helps to advance in career

Growth in relationships help become better spouse or parent.

Growth in knowledge about how money works helps reach their financial goal.

Growth in spiritually enriches the soul.

The specifics of growth change from person to person, but the principles are the same for everyone.

What can you do about it?

Just help.

Help them develop the right attitude.

Help them to learn and recognize their strengths.

Help them tap into their passion.

Support them to come in touch with their purpose.

Support them in developing skills so they can be all they want to be.

India has approximately 400million workers of whom 125 million are women or mothers.

Today, 7 out of 10 mothers are working women. Today everyone struggles to organize oneself, nut mothers work on a different frequency. They juggle between priorities, their career, family and the future of their child.

There is no key that unlocks this door. You will have to put in the hard work to make it grow.

You cannot change your life until you change something you do every day.

We encourage you to give your child opportunities to grow in a culture which helps his overall development. As they say, ‘Its easier to build strong children than to repair broken men’.



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