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How to flower the genius in your child?

A child’s genius will flower if the right education is given. True human capabilities find expression in freedom, inspiration and in a relaxed environment. Your mind and your body works best when you are happy and peaceful. Children stand out in competition, they work towards their true potential. The wrong kind of environment and education in schooling years can ruin their adulthood.

At Red Hill The Earth School we promote an openness in the child. They are not led to conclude about things on hearsay but from their own experiences. This helps the child to learn and look at every aspect of life with absolute openness without prejudice, without any fixed models. If their schooling years happen this way they develop a genius within them. This becomes a natural part of their life. The very purpose of educating people is to broaden their horizons. It’s important that children broaden their horizons and not get constricted. Studying at Red Hill The Earth School brings enormous maturity and a very broad way of looking at life. It makes the child more inclusive and make him know about the whole world and broaden his whole perspective of life. We want children to grow up keeping their intelligence intact where a child’s thirst to learn and know is kindled in the right direction.

Longing to know and longing to learn is emphasized not just feeding them with an enormous amount of information and expecting them to learn and understand every bit of it.

At Red Hill The Earth School children are prepared at competing at any university in the world. They will be ready enough to get into any kind of university, according to their individual capabilities of course. Apart from that, they are fundamentally learning to live better. They are learning to handle themselves better and live better with themselves and with people around them, which is a very important factor. And people are successful in their life not because they have degrees but because they’re capable.

Red Hill The Earth School is more capability-oriented. We focus on how to enhance the capability of the child in whatever area his natural talent is.

Come to Red Hill The Earth School, it will change the life of your child forever.

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