Red Hill Life red hill blog Cognitive skills can be strengthened and improved.

Cognitive skills can be strengthened and improved.

When a task is given at school, some students take 20 minutes to complete it and another 9 minutes.

Children approach a task using various learning tools. These tools are called cognitive skills, and these skills determine the quality, speed, and ease with which individual children learn and perform. There are other factors other than weak cognitive skills, but recent studies indicate that the source of over 80% of learning problems is due to weak cognitive skills.

Cognitive skills can be strengthened and improved, thereby reducing or eliminating learning and reading problems.

There is hope for all parents whose child struggles in school. The frustrations of falling behind in reading, math, and other areas of learning can come to an end with the appropriate cognitive skills training.

Your child can succeed in school and start a journey of learning that will result in a successful career. But to bring out the genius in your child you have to take the first step: have your child’s cognitive skills assessed. The essential and critical next step will be to strengthen the weak cognitive skills. Help your child gain the skills and tools necessary to become smarter.



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