Fill-That-Gap – Learning Styles

Fill-That-Gap-This-Vacation Spread out and retrieval method and practice help students retain more content and give them a sense of what they know and what they don’t. Learning is a complex process and requires cognition. To ensure their learning we provide students with opportunities for demonstration of learning in classrooms.

Fill-The-Gap make the best of schooling

Fill-That-Gap-This-Vacation We help children get started at school on the right foot. They should feel all excited and confident about their forthcoming academic year and not nervous and confused! If you’re a parent who wants to make the best of your child’s schooling, you won’t want to miss this one. All you have to do to is call us […]

What are you doing This Vacation? Fill That Gap.

Fill-That-Gap-This-Vacation is an initiative to support children before and after school. Many children face difficulties understanding a subject, the theory behind or just “why are they learning this subject at all”. Fill-that-Gap This Vacation is aimed at developing an interest and create an excitement to gain clarity on subjects. This course is exclusively for those […]