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A well timed education.


The trend of educating younger and younger children have reached outrageous proportions. Testing and expecting younger children to adhere to unrealistic expectations have started a new trend of EARLY GRADE BURN-OUT.

Children have too much too soon to attend to and they end up growing weary and stressed out by forced early years academic.

The love of learning is crushed down by this approach.

A gently timed academics let a child experience childhood. The young child must run, skip, jump, climb and play. This step should not be omitted because it cannot be brought back.

Thrusting academics on children underage causes irreversible adverse effects.

The more a child is blessed with not being under academic pressure well before their age the better it is for the later years of life.

We are open to play. Enroll your child to a fun filled year 2018-19.


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