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A Beautiful Mind.

A Beautiful Mind

As children, we experienced the world differently with open minds and beautiful ideas. The things we ignore these days and take for granted were the very things that gave fuel to our imagination.

Simple things like the night sky, reflection in the mirror, changes in the climate, sandy beaches, often made us wonder.

We had a thousand questions in our mind about the world around us. Even before we could read, speak or write properly we communicated in various forms – through images and senses.

Remember the time when we first visited the circus, a sporting event, or a movie? Our eyes and ears watched the spectacle with utmost intensity and the colors seemed more vibrant and alive. It was curiosity full throttle.

We had a strong desire to turn everything into a game, everything interesting. This was a Beautiful Mind, the mind that was flexible and receptive to new information and surroundings.

As parents, we have the responsibility to nurture and develop this Beautiful Mind of our children. And hence confining them to the four walls and limiting their reach from the real world can cause harm and distress to their minds as they grow up. Schools should help to learn and not confine them and have restrictions to do things only in a certain way. Not just train them to improve their memory but to understand life and the beautiful things around.

Our children are likely to achieve most of the developmental milestones by 6 and this is the perfect time for the development of the Beautiful  Mind.

– Red Hill Life.

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