Month: March 2018

What is a natural Human behavior?

It is a natural human behavior that when we get to know something that we did not know, and it brings us joy. Learning is a natural human quality; when we learn something that we did not know, it should make us happy. If learning is making children unhappy, then it needs to be understood […]

Combining Science and Arts can help students engage more deeply.

When we consider how to connect science and arts, we think about using art to support science. We think of making a paper plane and teaching children about planes, make something with a science theme and teach them the subject. But we could instead turn that around and use science experiments as a way of bringing […]

A school for you.

Parents have been getting more and more anxious to give their children an education which can provide them with the best of both the worlds: the best of (board) academic curriculum as well as knowledge and experience. There have been several experiments where children are taught values but none of them have sustained it’s effects […]

Creative Learning.

One of the major concerns today in children’s learning is literacy and writing.  Lack of interest or time paid to children of different learning styles contributes to a loss in their writing skills and thus resulting in communication weakness. Most of the children are visual learners. Red Hill The Earth School spends sufficient resources and […]

Why Red Hill The Earth School

Why Red Hill The Earth School? Seek and Explore Seek and Explore appeals to children and assists their individual learning styles. Your child will meet many fun and friendly challenges each representing different learning style so every kid can explore academics in a way that they can understand. They’ll take an exciting journey through Red […]