Month: December 2017

Is age the only factor for children to start school?

  A child’s readiness to begin school is an important decision. The decision is about beginning an educational path that will last for the next 15 years or more. The readiness at which the child begins school has implications and consequences for the rest of his life. Age is taken as the most common and […]

Parenting Challenge – Computer time (internet)

Parenting comes with its challenges. One of the can be limiting computer (internet) time. Selecting appropriate content and limiting their time in front of the computer is easily the most difficult decision today. With internet all around us, we are undoubtedly raising digital natives of the future. Do we need a specialist or an expert […]


Empathy : the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. The grandfather had become very old. His legs wouldn’t go, his eyes didn’t see, his ears didn’t hear, he had no teeth. And when he ate, the food dripped from his mouth. The son and daughter-in-law stopped setting his plate on the table […]

The promise of a great schooling.

The promise of a great schooling through the latest and most advanced curriculum is one of the most powerful marketing tools to invite us, parents. That’s why we see international schools overcrowded with students from all walks of life, parents standing in long Q’s to get a seat for their child. “Once my child enters […]