Month: June 2017

Learning to write

Writing is an important skill that your child learns. It is important to keep an eye on when he is writing so that you can correct hand movements at the right time. It is better if he learns the right strokes of letters in the beginning rather than correcting it and relearning it later. Generally, […]

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Learning at 7 – Exploring Nature and Science

Your child is now exploring about nature and science. He will love to have practical illustrations of scientific stuff that is taught to him. In order to build up his interest in plants and their growth, gardening can be an exciting experience for him. Through gardening, your child learns that there are seasons for everything and […]

Easy Parenting That Works Fast

Keep working on these parenting skills and you will have a wonderful child growing up with a wealth of physical, emotional and intellectual benefits.   Walk the walk. Don’t just tell your child what you want them to do. Show them. Human is a special species in part because we can learn by imitation. We […]

Don’t worry!

Don’t Worry! Worrying has become a way of life for many. Worrying drains you down. Worrying is also contagious. Your worries can spread across your family and children. Since children tend to remember better because they have less worries they remember strong incidences even better. These incidences stay in their minds and they develop an […]

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